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How to Play Human Fall Flat for Andriod?

If you are looking for a hilarious and fun game, then Human Fall Flat will be a perfect option for you. Get ready to go on an adventure where you have to solve puzzles in each level, which gets more difficult as you move towards the next levels. Here is a guide to help you know all about this game that can make you laugh out loud and focus at the same time.

What is Human Fall Flat?

Human Fall Flat is a funniest, light-hearted physics platformer set in a world of floating dreamscapes. It can be played solo or with up to eight players. 

In this game, you play as a small, white, wobbly, and featureless humanoid. The wobbly creature keeps dreaming about surreal places that are filled with puzzles, and he has to pass every level till they reach the end.

How to play Human Fall Flat

What to Expect While Playing Human Fall Flat?

  • It is a fun game where every movement is unpredictable and hilarious.
  • You can also customize your small, white, wobbly, and featureless humanoid according to your choice. You can choose the character, his clothes, color, and much more.
  • You can play this game solo or enjoy it with a group of friends.
  • This is a great game to play in your free time and it also enhances your creative thinking.
  • You’ll find multiple solutions to every puzzle in this game.

How to control the character in the Human Fall Flat?

Here is how you can control your wobbly in the Human Fall Flat:

  • To Activate the Remote: Use your right or left arm to activate the remote.
  • To Look Around: Use the right stick for looking around.
  • To Move: Use the left stick for moving purposes.
  • To Jump and Grab: Use buttons for jumping and grabbing purposes.
  • To see the expressions: Press both sticks to see what the wobbly character is feeling.
  • To climb: For climbing or pulling ledges, raise your arms above your head and press the right stick.
  • To squeeze through small spaces: To squeeze through small spaces, hold both buttons at the same time.
Human Fall Flat Controller

How many levels are available in the Human Fall Flat?

All the levels in this hilarious game are unique and complex, leaving the players wanting to play it all the time. There are 23 exciting levels in the Human Fall Flat including:

Human Fall Flat APK

Level 1 – Mansion

In the first level, you will find your wobbly character in a mansion, walk up the stairs, push open the doors, and control the character by using the remote.

Many people think that as it is a first level, it will be easy to play but in reality, people face a tough time playing it.

Level 2 – Train

When you land on level 2, you will find a dumpster and trains. Basically, at this level, you will see a lot of trains. Use the control buttons to control the character and accomplish this mission. 

Level 3 – Carry

As the name of this level suggests, you have to do a lot of carrying in this level. Mostly, you have to grab boxes from one place and place them in another place. You can use buttons to grab the stuff.

Level 4 – Mountain

Level 4 is based on mountains and players have to jump from one platform to another platform. You have to do a lot of jumping, climbing, and grabbing in this level to unlock the next one

Level 5 – Demolition

In this level, you have to operate a ball to destroy the wall to clear the path, push heavy objects, and unlock the next level. Use the control buttons to control the character and accomplish this mission. 

Level 6 – Castle

This level is a little difficult but also very dreamy, like its name suggests. You’ll see your wobbly friend in the castle fighting every obstacle by climbing shaky ladders, climbing ledges, and grappling with the collapsing bridges to accomplish this level.

Level 7 – Water

A hilarious level in which you will see your wobbly friend on the water adventure with boats and giant ships from one shoreline to another. This level also has many adventures you have to complete to reach the next level. 

Level 8 – Power Plant

Be prepared to use the heavy machinery to move forward on the level. You’ll find this level hard and straightforward at the same time, as you’ll find all the tools right there and don’t have to look for them.

Level 9 – Aztec

It is a challenging task, and the start of this level is also difficult. In this level, you have to move big pieces of rock with two sticks. Basically, you have to move a lot of objects to move forward in the level. The hardest part is riding a big boulder down a large slope to land.

Level 10 – Dark

You’ll see a lot of darkness in this level, and you’ll feel like you are in a horror movie. In this level the player has to access the cave to find batteries and gather electrical supplies to open the exit and reach the next level.

Level 11 – Steam

This can be the wildest and relatively longest level you’ve played. At this level, you’ve got to deal with a lot of pipes to activate the door, like you have to grab the heavy pipes blowing air, connect them together, climb, jump, and much more.

Level 12 – Ice

It is a very difficult level in which you have to use the ice blocks and prevent them from melting because of the sun. Players can use these ice blocks to get higher up while making sure that they don’t melt, build bridges, melt a few blocks of ice, and ride on the chairlift to reach to the next level.

Level 13 – Thermal

As its name suggests, this level is related to different natures. Be ready to move extra big and heavy snowballs to elevators and mountains, activate giant drills, and much more. It is recommended to play it with your friends as it will be difficult to play solo.

Level 14 – Factory

In this level, the player has to complete the task in the factory with a lot of machinery, pipes, and gears. You need to use the machinery to reach the next level.

Level 15 – Golf

Use ramps and swings and think about something unique to get the ball out of the holes. At this level, you should avoid sand and water traps to get to the next level.

Level 16 – City

After playing in nature and factories, it is now time for some adventure in the city. This level revolves around bowling, archery, and basketball. At the end of the level, players have to ride a drone around the city to reach the next level.

Level 17 – Forest

Get ready to go on a forest trip where you will discover abandoned mines and the deadliest peaks. Players need to find objects to move forward in the level, pull a heavy and broken airplane and much more to reach the next level.

Level 18 – Laboratory

In the Laboratory level, the player needs to solve the puzzles with the help of the assigned tools. This level looks harder at first glance, but it’s quite simple.

Level 19 – Lumber

This level is also a difficult one, as the wobbly character has to control the raft and overcome every obstacle while hanging to reach the next level. 

Level 20 – Red Rock

In this level, players have to solve puzzles with the provided gadgets. In the last part of the level, you have to solve three big puzzles that are completely different and unrelated to each other. 

Level 21 – Tower

Many players find this level tricky because, in this level, the player has to overcome the obstacles through tight spaces while carrying something to accomplish it.

Level 22 – Miniature

Just like the name, you’ll be playing as miniature in the normal size surroundings. Players have to solve puzzles with the provided tools. This level will let you see all the little details added in the game.

Level 23 – Copper World

In this level, the player has to connect all the beacons together to point the laser into the charging slot and accomplish this level. 

Human Fall Flat APK


Millions of people all over the world love to play this game solo and enjoy it with a group of friends. This is not just an ordinary game, but a great game that helps enhance creative thinking. You will find Human: Fall Flat to be one of the most unique games you’ve ever played.



  • Press the play button.
  • Tap on multiplayer
  • Tap on host game and select the players limit and tge level you want to play.
  • Set the privacy to private or public.
  • You’ll get a link to send your friend for invitation.
  • Start and join the lobby.
  • Tap on start to start playing the game with your friends.

Whether you want to be a dog, mummy, ninja, or a skeleton, there is something for everyone. This fun game allows its users to choose a character from these few interesting and fun ones:

  • None
  • Legacy Body
  • Crash Dummy
  • Dog 
  • Mummy 
  • Skeleton 
  • Present 

According to ESRB, Human Fall Flat is completely safe for kids and has no content that is harmful for them. Parents can be at peace and let their kids play this game. It is not only a safe game for kids but solving puzzles will enhance their creative thinking.

Human Fall Flat is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and Switch.

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